Honey has rightfully earned its sweet significance in both food and medicine,
with historical evidence dating back 8000 years. 

From the ancient cave paintings of Spain, the first beekeeping records of ancient Egypt, and numerous biblical references, honey has been present throughout human history. Honey is not only delicious to the palate, but its antimicrobial properties have made it useful in medicine. Honey is used to sweeten tea, spread on cheese and sandwiches, make balms, heal burns, and more. The delectable goodness of honey is versatile in possibilities for preparation and presentation. Honey was popular in Europe and made its way to the Americas during the 1600s. Unlike the recent history of processed sugars, humans have used and enjoyed honey as early as 5500 BCE. Overuse of processed sugar in diets across the world, most notoriously from processed foods, has caused more harm than good. Health problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, diabetes, heart disease, and more have been known to arise from overconsumption, intentional or unintentional, of refined and processed sugars. Honey offers a way out and a delicious one at that! In this article, we will discuss liquid, syrupy honey versus thick, creamed honey, along with how you can use creamed honey as an alternative to sugar and improve your cooking. Keep reading to learn more!


 If you keep honey in your pantry or shelf, you might have noticed that over time, crystals start to form in the honey. This does not mean that the honey is going bad; instead, this is a natural process that raw honey follows. Most consumers are mystified by this natural process and feel that their honey has gone bad. This is where the process of creamed honey comes into play.

Creamed honey originated from a 1935 experiment by Cornell professor Elton J. Dyce. Dyce pasteurized and heated raw honey to the proper temperature, then cooled and added seed crystals to begin the general process of crystallization.

Wait—but what about the cream? Creamed honey is actually not made with any sort of milk or cream, and it is an entirely dairy-free product. The “creamed” descriptor originates from the creamy texture of the crystallization and the smooth and spreadable quality. Creamed honey grew from its experimental beginnings to become a staple in the collections and catalogs of beekeepers and honey sellers all over the world, especially in Europe and Canada. In areas where honey naturally crystallizes into thick, chunky crystals during colder months, creamed honey has been a way to guide this natural process to give the consumer a smoother and more consistent experience with their honey.

At Palm Beach Creamed Honey, the creamed honey process is much simpler and keeps the natural beneficial integrities of the honey intact. Our honey is all-natural and made by bees directly from flower nectar. Every step of our process, from hive to table, is bathed in beauty and richness. Our bees are tended with respect and care, and they forage on a variety of wildflowers in Florida year-round. When our honey is extracted from the honeycomb, it is kept pure, raw, and unfiltered to preserve the integrity of the natural enzymes and healing properties of the honey.

 Here is an overview of our process:
  1. Raw honey is harvested from the hive, straight out of the combs, using kosher practices that are clean and respectful to the bees.
  2. The honey is mixed with our own crystallized honey that contains microcrystals for an ultimately silky, smooth crystallization and then refrigerated.
  3. The honey is passed one more time through the creaming machine and then jarred to complete the smooth crystallization process. 
  4. The honey is then ready to be enjoyed within just a few days since extraction!
The benefits of Creamed Honey:

 ● Creamed honey will not crystallize over time in the same manner as raw or processed honey; this way, the product retains a sumptuous and smooth taste and texture from the top of the jar to the bottom.

● Creamed honey preserves the quality and flavor of the honey over time.

● Creamed honey can be used in the same ways as a liquid or crystallized honey.

● Gourmet ingredients can be mixed into crystallized honey for an even and smooth tasting experience.


If you are looking to change your eating habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle, or, rather, finesse your nutritional expertise, creamed honey is a perfect gateway or addition. Honey can replace other processed sugars, such as cane sugar or agave, and add to the nutritional value of your food. Honey is a live product, full of enzymes and nutrients beyond its sweetness. 

Honey has also been lauded for its uncanny ability to reduce allergies and inflammation, fight and prevent heart disease, as well as dilate arteries and introduce crucial phenols and antioxidants the body needs. And more: raw creamed honey is just that—a natural product—so ingesting honey without further processing is already a head start. Best of all, it’s sweet to eat!


Our favorite way to enjoy creamed honey is right off the spoon, but we can’t stop there! Palm Beach Creamed Honey is made with a variety of sweet and savory ingredients to enhance your tasting experience in many ways. 

We add whole, gourmet ingredients to the honey in their highest quality forms. For example, our vanilla comes from Madagascar as whole, ground, gourmet vanilla beans. 

Our cinnamon is the true Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon. Our raspberries and strawberries are USA-grown, freeze-dried berries. Our ginger and turmeric come from the highest quality in India. We spare no expense, quality, or taste in the ingredients we choose to complement and enhance our honey,  

This makes use in cooking and tasting very versatile. Even if you are someone who might not like the taste of honey in a natural state, you might enjoy our flavored creamed honey.

Here are some ways to enjoy your Palm Beach Creamed Honey:


The classic spread – Creamed honey comes in a lot of delicious flavors. Its silky-smooth texture makes it the ideal spread for your toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and pastries. Cinnamon honeylemon honey, and vanilla honey are just a few of the ways to enjoy creamed honey... They taste delicious and do not have a negative impact on your health. Kids across the board love creamed honey, especially as a dip, topping, and spread!

The breakfast – Flavors like chocolate honeyraspberry honey, and raspberry chocolate in creamed honey are the perfect addition to the breakfast table of any family. Since breakfast marks the start of the day, an energy boost is important to get those feet on the ground and running! Creamed honey is the perfect ingredient to achieve balance for your breakfast. You can drizzle it on your yogurt or cereal, eat it with bread or use it on pancakes. Can you   

think of any more ideas?

The snack   – Let’s be honest. There is no shortage of unhealthy snacks. When you are feeling a bit peckish, it can be hard to resist those snacks even if you know you’ll regret the indulgence in something unhealthy. Creamed honey is a fitting solution to this problem. A jar of creamed honey by your side will solve the problem of your unhealthy snack routine. If your stomach is making itself known, don’t be afraid to dip a spoon in the creamed honey jar to taste. Voila! Problem solved. Creamed honey is also delicious on nuts, fruits, and cheeses for a simple snack that will leave you feeling like you just enjoyed a gourmet appetizer!

The dressing   – Creamed honey also excels in the dressing department! When it comes to dressings and glazes, not many ingredients can match a good creamed honey. Honey whipped into a simple salad dressing recipe can enhance your leafy greens and salad experience. It adds an extra layer of depth to the flavor and taste of any dish. Imagine roasted brussel sprouts or carrots glazed in one of our spicy creamed honeys! You can also use creamed honey as a glaze for fish, chicken, shrimp, or pork. Any kind of grilling or BBQ that you can think of will be elevated when glazed with cream honey. If you are thinking of adding an element of sweetness, or spicy sweetness, to anything, then creamed honey is your friend. (link spicy sweetness to our spicy honey listing)

The dessert – Creamed honey is an excellent substitute for processed sugar, all the while adding a sumptuous distinctness to your dessert. 

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