5 ways Palm Beach Creamed Honey makes summer a little sweeter

5 ways Palm Beach Creamed Honey
makes Summer a lot Sweeter 

Here in the sunshine state, we’re blessed with wonderful weather all year, and summer is an especially great time to enjoy Palm Beach Creamed Honey.

Creamed honey is made from raw honey collected from the hive that then gets stirred and refrigerated over the course of a few days to guide and control the natural crystallization process. The resulting micro-crystals are silky, smooth, and creamy in texture giving you a honey that’s perfect for spreading, mixing, and drizzling all summer long. Contrary to the name, creamed honey is dairy-free!

All Palm Beach Creamed Honey is free of preservatives and added sugars, so it’s a guilt-free way to sweeten up your summertime dishes and make the hottest months seem a little sweeter. In this post, we’ll give you our five favorite ways to use creamed honey when the weather gets hot.

Here are 5 easy ways to use creamed honey this summer:

1. Give the gift of honey at summertime gatherings

The summer months are often packed with outdoor celebrations and long weekends with friends, which can make it a little hard to come up with small, thoughtful gifts to share.

Give your loved ones or party hosts a beautifully packaged Palm Beach Creamed Honey gift set to introduce them to a variety of our delicious flavors. Honey is a wonderfully versatile food, and it can be enjoyed on its own or added to recipes for extra flavor.

Our creamed honey won't get chunky crystals like liquid honey does as it ages, so your friends can keep it on hand as long as they want without worrying about it going bad before they have a chance to enjoy it. Our honey is still pure, raw, and unfiltered so it will last forever, or until eaten first!

For an extra-special gift, create an assortment of Palm Beach Creamed Honey, cheeses, crackers, and a bottle of wine for a perfect afternoon picnic basket.


2. Honey is an excellent way to sweeten your cocktails 

Craft cocktails are a fun summertime treat, but they often contain lots of added sugar or other chemical sweeteners that can ruin even the healthiest diets. That can be an unfortunate problem if you’ve worked hard for that summer beach body. 

Creamed honey is made with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no added sugars, which makes it a great alternative to sugary cocktail mixers. Use club soda or sparkling water and stir in a bit of honey for a quick and easy summertime spritzer.

Plus, honey as a much more interesting flavor profile than simple syrup and other types of sweeteners that are used in cocktails. If you’re looking to improve your mixology skills, honey could be the perfect ingredient to experiment with this summer. For example, our chipotle creamed honey makes a great sweet and spicy margarita and our strawberry and vanilla creamed honeys are perfectly pained with whiskey.  At the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in May 2021, we were sponsored by Tito's Handmade Vodka for the perfectly refreshing Ginger Turmeric and Tito's Handmade Vodka cocktail that we named the Palm Beach Buzz. 

If your bartender is off-duty, or you’re just craving an ice-cold beer, you can try the Honey Vanilla Wheat beer by Due South Brewing. The American-style wheat ale was brewed using Palmetto honey from Palm Beach Creamed Honey. Find it in South Florida at their brewery or at Total Wine.


3. Make a pitcher of honey iced tea for relaxing on a warm afternoon

We all know that honey tastes great in hot tea on a cold day, but there’s nothing like a refreshing glass of sweet iced tea on a hot summer afternoon.

Stir in a bit of creamed honey to your pitcher of iced tea as it steeps during the day and enjoy a lightly sweetened refreshment over ice when it’s ready to serve in the evening.     

You can even get a little creative and stir in one of Palm Beach Creamed Honey’s flavored honey varieties, like our delicious Raspberry or our zesty Lemon flavored creamed honey. Honey can add just enough flavor for a light and delicious beverage without making it too sweet, but we wouldn’t blame you for pouring a little extra in.  

4. Use creamed honey to sweeten up your morning routine         

Start your day off right with a bit of natural, locally sourced honey drizzled on your morning toast or over your oatmeal or greek yogurt with fresh berries. Honey is lighter than other spreads and packs more nutritional benefits than normal sugar or maple syrup.

Plus, many people use honey to help fight their seasonal allergies. By adding locally sourced honey to your regular diet, the belief is that you’ll ingest small amounts of pollen that can help you build a tolerance to allergens that are found in the air. Many people say that they experience less allergy symptoms after ingesting local honey for a few weeks. At Palm Beach Creamed Honey we use three seasons of honey (spring, summer and fall) to give you a range of pollen exposure in our unfiltered honey.     

If there’s no time for breakfast, you can even stir a little creamed honey into your morning coffee or tea for a bit of extra sweetness and possible allergy relief. 


5. Grab your honey and get the grill fired up        

Nothing says summer like an afternoon spent grilling out in the backyard.

Honey can help you make an excellent glaze or marinade for your grilled meats. You can whip up a tasty glaze with different ingredients you probably already have in the pantry, and add a bit of creamed honey to add a sweeter note and to get that rich caramelized flavor on your meats and veggies.  Some of pour favorites include one of our spicy honeys (Jalapeno, Chipotle, or Habanero) on pork ribs or chicken and Lemon, Lime, or Raspberry Creamed Honey on fish or shrimp..        

Whether you’re making fall-off-the-bone ribs, steak tips, juicy shrimp skewers, or irresistible chicken, honey can be the secret ingredient that unlocks exciting new flavors and kicks your grilling skills up a notch

If you’re not much of a carnivore, honey can make your homemade salad dressing pop with flavor that’s perfect for summer. Try mixing honey with a little lemon juice and olive oil for a light salad dressing that works as an appetizer or the main course.

About Palm Beach Creamed Honey

We’re a family owned small business based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Beekeeping duo Al and Sierra practice ethical beekeeping and love creating wholesome, natural creamed honey products on their 13-acre farm. Our gourmet honey is a great gift, snack, or ingredient for your next summertime recipe.  


Visit us at www.creamedhoney.com to learn more about what all the buzz is about!

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