Small Batch Smooth & Creamy Honey – So Good for All Ages!

Small Batch Smooth & Creamy Honey

So Good for All Ages!

Palm Beach Creamed Honey is locally sourced and developed by a highly respected, ethical beekeeping duo in South Florida (with six children!). Sierra created Palm Beach Creamed Honey with nine different flavors (including chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry) during the height of the pandemic. Honey is a must-have culinary necessity in every household, not just because it is healthy and nutritious, but also because of its healing properties.

Honey packs many powerful health benefits for children over two. It's what they need to grow and develop into their preschool and kindergarten years and up through high school. Use it in drinks, smoothies, pancakes, on toast or in muffins to create a sweet and satisfying way for your kids to benefit from all that honey has to offer. You can also add a honey glaze to carrots, squash, Brussel sprouts and other vegetables. Mayo Clinic Honey Calms Coughs

  • To get relief from cough & cold
  • It calms down coughs
  • Honey promotes a healthy digestive system.
  • Helps heal wounds faster.
  • Boost’s energy and immune system
  • It protects the liver due to anti-toxins properties
  • Natural supplier of vitamins and minerals
  • Strengthens immune system.

The Palm Beach Creamed Honey Trio is a beautifully packaged gift set of gourmet honey in three glorious flavors. Their unique process gives their honey a smooth, creamy texture, free from preservatives, or added sugar. Each added flavor is made from whole ingredients, not flavor oils. It’s Kosher too! You can also purchase your small batch creamed honey favorite in individual 12-ounce jars in all the flavors listed below.

You can customize your order of trio flavor selections when ordering online. Trio sets are priced at $18, and include:

●      Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Chocolate
●      Lime, Habanero, and Chocolate Raspberry
●      Lime, Pure Wildflower, and Chipotle
●      Raspberry, Lemon and Ginger-Turmeric, or a
●      Spicy Trio for a Hot Mama, Jalapeno, Chipotle, and Habanero

Small Batch – Get it FAST!

Currently due to quarantine their product is only available through online ordering on Amazon at and from their website

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