Local Honey Producer Gets Yearly Kosher Certification

Creamed Honey Company

Craving something sweet and local? Palm Beach Creamed Honey offers many flavors of honey including Raspberry and Ginger Tumeric.

Founders and beekeepers Sierra Malnove and Al Salopek have a mission of harvesting tasty honey and having fun too. The two have been beekeepers for years, but Palm Beach Creamed Honey took off after the 2019 International Beekeepers Conference, where Malnove and Salopek fell in love with a state-of-the-art creamed honey machine. This machine creates creamed honey, which is essentially micro-crystalized honey for a smooth and satisfying flavor.

“When the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to diversify a bit, and we wanted to go into honey. It just seemed kind of natural for us to invest in this machine,” noted Malnove, head beekeeper. So, Palm Beach Creamed Honey was born.

To accommodate the needs of all customers, including those who eat only strictly-kosher, Malnove and Salopek hired Rabbi Yehuda Goldman, CEO of EarthKosher, to inspect and validate their honey as a kosher product. Their creamy, sweet product is certified kosher under the company’s supervision. Kosher denotes food that falls under Jewish dietary laws. To maintain the certification, the process undergoes an annual inspection. The beekeepers use carefully sourced kosher ingredients, including USA grown freeze-dried raspberries and vanilla from Madagascar. Additionally, the equipment is 100% dedicated for kosher services. The honey is expertly strained and packaged for sale.

“With [the Jewish holiday] Rosh Hashanah around the corner, it was important for us to maintain our certification, and we are pleased to report we passed the two-hour inspection with flying colors,” said Malnove in a press release.

The honey is currently available for purchase on the company website and on Amazon. An extra sweet treat: Palm Beach Creamed Honey will be releasing a limited-edition “Boca Creamed Honey.” Make sure to order it on the website



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